Our Mission

Our experience in the food service industry has helped us learn a lot of important lessons over the last 20 years. We have inculcated the same in our value system and take efforts to make sure that our guests get the best possible experience of engaging with us. Our corporate policy rates 'service with care' at the highest point in our value system. Our guests have found us delivering services with utmost concern about their expectations likes, dislikes, etc.

Here are a few pointers to what we feel are the most critical elements of an impeccable catering  :

  • Quality of the Food and its ingredients, a hygiene factor.
  • Taste of the Food.
  • Appositeness of Services, to match expectations of value for money.
  • Other Important Issues like.
    • Good presentation
    • Right temperature
    • Stock rotation
    • Minimizing wastage

With a strong focus on quality and value, the goal of Royal challenge Hospitality

  • Creative solutions to meet your needs.

  • Impeccable Service Seasoned with Care : We are committed to service quality pursued diligently over the last 27 years by the Royal group of companies and penchant to service our guests with care and concern.

  • Outstanding Food Taste : We want to continue making our guests to relish every ounce of the food served by us.

  • Hygiene & Food Safety : Health & hygiene is remains enormously paramount in our value system and our process are designed and fine-tuned to achieve and create new benchmarks in food safety.

  • Flexibility of Scale : Health & We want to serve each and every customer that comes to us, with equal diligence, across all opportunities to services our guests.

  • Delightful Experience :Health & We are committed to register the Royal Challenge Hospitality experience strongly in our guests hearts for a long time. We believe that aiming for customer delight is the fulcrum of our business ethics. It continues to be the hallmark of all Royal Group companies.